Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yesterday was Sunday

Technically, it was Monday yesterday but since my working hours are patterned in North America, today is Monday. I have been blogging more daily rants here. Didn't FoxyReign started as a very personal online journal when I started this on LiveJournal?

Most of my friends know that I was with someone when I watched Iron Man 3. Actually, I was alone. I just couldn't hit the pride that I would be going alone for a very good movie. I'd rather publicize I was with an ugly guy than watching the movie alone. It felt good! I focused on the whole movie without any distractions and it was not really bad. Besides, this was not the first time it happened - years ago, like college.

Earlier, Vange pissed me off. I was making fool of his Dan because he couldn't follow simple instructions and he has no sense of innovativeness, wait, common sense actually.

Like earlier, I asked him questions why would the FCR be wrong on the scorecard, then, he would answer me back why? He could have looked for the answer by himself. And that question could have been left unanswered if I didn't remind him to check the shared mailbox.

I asked him to forward an email that contains the urgent request. Yeah he did, with just "Hi," on top of the thread. When I replied all, they would be wondering what was the content or how did I get that email since I was not copied? I just took the initiative of doing the work because it was too complicated for him.

Going back to Vange, she got pissed off because her day started off with a delayed meeting without anyone notifying her and she took the effort of going to work at 4PM when our usual time starts at 9 in the evening. Her boss didn't allow her to offset for a day and she was forced to go home at 1AM since she started early. And we teased her that Dan was chatting with another girl from the office and she got jealous of it.

Why would she be jealous if Dan is married and has two kids? Idomt want to elaborate further. I remember her disagreeing that I was playing around with Bryan a few months ago. And now, she just ate her words. Anyway, lest be lesson. Shes a good friend but her double standard outlook in life has drawn her personality to low standards that Ill make his boyfriend look more fool.