Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It Was Uncalled For: Racism Against Filipinos

Yes, I am quoting Earl's message on my ex boyfriend's message when he posted a racist comment against Filipinos. Here's the start of the story:

A few Filipinos who have been working for years as Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong have been fighting for their Permanent Residency status. They are legally capable, but due to their nature of work, race and Economic contribution, they were contested. Until today, they are searching for clear just answers on their hopes. I just hope that this is not another case of racism against Filipinos.

Apparently, when people make remarks against race or citizen of others, it becomes rage against races. There was an instance when a Filipina commented that Singapore cannot live without Filipinos. This is just plain selfish and narcissistic attitude in nature but it doesn't mean that all Filipinos would act and think the same way as she does. I pity her because she has failed to instil the good morals of what she should have learned during primary years.

And here again, another Filipino has made a nasty comment against Singaporeans. Obviously, it seems she has migrated to Singapore as a foreign knowledge worker and her base salary would be a lot higher compared to a young native born citizen who has just started to earn a living. She is receiving a lot of hate messages because of the immature and selfish comment she threw against the McDonald's employee.

But when another race, Malaysian, dips in because of his hatred to his ex boyfriend, or simply, he does not understand what he learns from his Psychology classes, stereotyping and racism against Filipinos look and sound more bitter.

He deleted the post already on his Facebook wall. But when I got a glimpsed of this post when it appeared on my feed, I sensed something that 'it was uncalled for'. I have been working for multinational companies ever since I started working and this is not tolerated at all. Didn't you ever think that when you were saying that there was in influx of Filipino population who visit the Starbucks Tropicana Mall and you were complaining for some reason, like asking for a pen - that these people actually bring sales to your store? I am just saying *inserts hashtag here*

There have been a lot of initiatives that you should always be careful of what you post online. It could be a make or break situation. Just learning from experience from someone who has been very considerable of Social Engineering.

Like my friend Gus says, "Yes our country is corrupt... But we don't go to other countries to be fed... We go there to work and feed ourselves...".

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chris Hemsworth Pictures

This past weekend, I went for a date with someone for a quick drink. It turned out that we both had nothing to do so we decided to go for a movie. Besides, it has been like ages since I last watched a movie and that was like... Titanic? But the 3D remake, ok? Hahaha.

So when my co-workers went out for The Avengers, I was out of the country bathing my way under the sun of Phuket, I missed Chris Hemsworth there and also Chris Evans. Nevertheless, he stars on another movie, Snow White and Huntsman in which he had not portray his sexiness but eluded his eloquent sexy accent.

This is not to write a review of the movie, though one thing I can comment - the cinematography is very good. That's why Rule of Thirds on 16:9 still works best! Anyway, I have been salivating myself on his pictures so might as well share them with you.

[gallery link="file" columns="2" type="rectangular" ids="6075,6035,6034,6031,6032,6033,6028,6027,6024,6025,6026,6023,6022,4741" orderby="rand"]