Thursday, July 28, 2011

It Struck Me

I firmly believe in karma, and so therefore, it struck me.

I see myself in Alex when I used to be with Carl Michael when we were still living together. Typically, I would build a strong wall of silence as my defense mechanism so people close to me can't attack me emotionally. As a matter of fact, I have mastered the ways of apathy and giving cold treatments. These are just one of the best ways when my gut tells me that something is not right.

Use of social media to rant. I do this everyday but not to the point when it starts involves other people. Likewise, I used to post whatever was on my mind. Remember, when Lester and LA were hiding behind my back? Remember when Carl used to tell me that he was hurt whenever I do this. My personal preference of not commenting to your posts was an idea to avoid the miscommunication that may happen because of my degrading humour. Now, it struck me.

Force feeding won't work. The more you force me to open or say what's on my mind, the more I'll grasp for more privacy. I have made myself clear that dealing with intrapersonal issues is harder than having relationship with other people, and I mean this! Now, it struck me.

Feeling of acceptance over insecurity. When you can't find acceptance within yourself, you get it from others. I have a bad habit of stalking people online and rummaging whichever logs I could find. With that said, I don't see the point of giving out your number on mIRC when I am at work. I am guilty of opening Scruff or Grindr because I like seeing hot guys, but God knows I do not flirt. Or you're telling me behind me that you're back with your old filthy ways of getting attention from other people because you cannot get it from me? Your nick anaconda suits your scuzzy ways of sneaking regardless if you use a fake profile or your GayRomeo account. Now, it struck me.

Frustration leads to physical abuse. Carl has a more masculine physique compared to I - it must have been the hormones innate to him. But I remember that when we used to have big fights, we would use physical strength and piercing words to attach against each other. I am so over that. As much as I could contain, I would. I think my fighting skills have honed well attending freelance MMA and Body Combat. I've dealt pretty well on my anger management, but now, it struck me.

The image has been a used by him, Carl, a lot of times during his stages. It came to a point that I could relate to Chasing Pavements. I should have adopted heterosexual's stages of relationship - should have not skipped courtship and now, it struck me.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Naturally Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is an anabolic steroid hormone which is the principal male sex hormone. It plays a vital role in the development and wellbeing of male reproductive tissues.

Testosterone is widely known as the main factor to increased muscle and bone mass in the body, as testosterone is the most important muscle-building hormone in the human body. Even a slight increase in testosterone levels can reap many benefits to our body.

Among the positive benefits of increased testosterone levels in our body are;

  • Increase in muscle and bone mass

  • Increase in muscle strength and size

  • Prevention of osteoporosis

  • Decrease in body fat

  • Decrease in bad cholesterol

  • Increased sex drive and libido.

Here are a few ways to boost your testosterone levels, the natural way.

  1. Perform tough exercises. the bulk of your workout should involve "compound" weight-lifting exercises that train several large muscle groups, and not just one or two smaller muscles in order to beef up testosterone levels in your body. Exercises such as dead lifts, squats, lunges and dips that stress up your muscles will force your body to produce more testosterone.

  2. Reduce estrogen levels. Testosterone levels in your body will greatly increase when estrogen (the main female hormone) levels are reduced. Consume more cruciferous greens such as broccoli, radish and cabbage to lower estrogen levels in your body. Also, avoid consuming too much soy protein as it has been known to promote production of estrogen in the body.

  3. Drive home sober. Avoid binge drinking to maintain or increase testosterone levels in your body – cut yourself off after the third glass. Binge drinking kills your testosterone levels due to the alcohol present in your blood. Alcohol affects the endocrine system by signalling your body to stop producing testosterone.

  4. Get adequate sleep. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep at night! Screwing up your Circadian Rhythm will greatly affect your body in producing testosterone. Testosterone levels in your body are higher in the morning after a good night’s sleep. So stop staying up late and go to bed!

  5. Eat more nuts. Foods like nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats – an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA). Research has shown that EFA found in foods such as nuts, canola oil, olive oil and peanut butter boosts testosterone levels in the body. Men who ate diets rich in monounsaturated fat - the one present in peanuts had high testosterone levels.

  6. Work Hard, Rest Harder. At the gym, push yourself 110% harder. When you push yourself to the limits while working out at the gym, true gains in muscle and testosterone levels will follow suit! However, bear in mind to not overtrain your body. I you don't allow your body to recuperate adequately between training sessions, testosterone levels in your body may plummet as much as 40% lower. Never stress the same muscles with weight-lifting movements two days in a row, and again – get adequate sleep!

  7. Last but not least, have more sex! When simply having an erection causes your circulating testosterone to rise significantly, engaging in intercourse will definitely further increase testosterone levels in your body. Sexual stimulation causes the body to release endorphins (the “feel-good” hormone), and this in turn will raise testosterone levels, naturally.

These 7 steps will provide that natural boost in testosterone that will leave you feeling more healthy, vibrant, sexual, and attractive. Try them now!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joe Manganiello

I know that these pictures are so delayed. Jason joining the Fellowship of the Sun was a major turn off. Then, Eric Northman was too bisexual for me. Then, Alcide Herveaux came along.

This beefcake stud is Sookie's eyecandy which is a wolf - contrary to Bill's character, a vampire. He has this wild beard and pumped up body in which vampires would never have. He stays under the sun so he has this perfect tan that perfectly blends under the sun rays, which again, vampires could never do. Im such a bias.

Please join me as I drool at his pictures:

[gallery link="file" columns="2" type="rectangular" ids="4871,4870,4868,4869,4864,4863,4860,4861,4859,4858,4856,4857,4855,4854,4853,4851" orderby="rand"]

And he also has his own celebrity fitness video:

Ryan Kwanten Shirtless

True Blood Season 4 recently started. I always watch the series after the season finale because I just rely on the torrent downloads.

As much as I have been drooling on Alexander Skarsgard, this blonde dumb Jason Stackhouse, portrayed by Ryan Kwanten, is a good eyecandy throughout the series.

Below are just some of his shirtless pictures I found on the web. Please enjoy!

[gallery link="file" columns="2" type="rectangular" ids="4847,4846,4844,4840,4841,4842,4839" orderby="rand"]

Medical Scans of Women at 250lbs and 120lbs

Pretty much this illustration shows the difference of a woman in an Type II obese woman and a typical woman. Notice the accumulation of of the yellow substance around the midsection of the body? That is fat! This is actually expected even without bringing these women on scans.

But what my concern is the inflammation of the internal organs compared to the healthy one. The more inflamed they are, the more toxic level of waste are stored in the gastrointestinal tract. Also, there's a buildup of dangerous fat in the perennials. The heart is enlarged 30% compared to the normal one. You would notice the  buckling of the knee joints and the lower limbs that may cause difficulty in walking.

Do you mind sharing this?


Body Fat % and Their Pictures

Body Fat Percentage

This is an assessment of the percentage of how much your body is made up of fat. It includes the vital organs, muscle tissues and especially water.

Methods of Measuring

Skinfold Measurement (Skin Pinch)
Bioelectrical impedance analysis (Handheld/Scale Deviced)
Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (Dexa Scan)
Height and circumference methods (Measurement Collections)
Hydrostatic Testing (Underwater Density Test)

The third method, Dexa Scan, gives the most accurate result apart from autopsy. But you do not really need the exact computation of your body fat percentage. At the gym, the Bioelectrical Impendance is usually conducted, either you step on a cold weighing scale with metals on it or your hold a device that has metals on it as well.


Nutritionists usually use the BMI (Body Mass Index) in computing your total well being because it is the easiest. But for more health conscious and people who rat at the gym with obscure goal to show off toned muscles, body fat percentage is the right method to use.


Below are different pictures and nearly-like images of a human body in their corresponding body fat percentages.

[caption id="attachment_4826" align="aligncenter" width="400"] You can start to see loss of definition as the levels of body fat increase[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4823" align="aligncenter" width="400"] I don't think I need to visually show more than 30%[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4824" align="aligncenter" width="400"] You can start to see loss of definition as the levels of body fat increase[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4825" align="aligncenter" width="400"] I don't think I need to visually show more than 30%[/caption]

Similarities and Differences

Not everyone look the same if they have the same body fat percentage. I am showing you the extremes of differences when people do their regular workout compared from those who do not but have the same percentage, in short, skinny.


Likewise, the body fat percentage is not an indicator of composition of lean muscle mass nor muscle composition.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drinking Alcohol Can Make Your Life Live Longer

Your grandmother has been telling you that alcohol is bad for your health. You can't even drink it if you're a Muslim!

It is true that drinking then, driving is bad. But drinking alcohol at a minimal level each week can make your life live longer.

In a five-year research, lifetime alcohol abstainers were 19% more likely not to exist on earth compared to regular alcohol drinkers. These are not the heavy ones, but at a max of three servings per week. This is according to Virginia Tech University researchers.

For those people who never drank alcohol were roughly 56% more likely to experience heart failures such as coronary heart disease than regular drinkers. The sample survey came from nearly half a million Americans.

But why are we told it is bad for us?

[caption id="attachment_4819" align="aligncenter" width="400"] Barmaid Beer[/caption]

Half a dozen of gallon of beer per week is bad, super bad. Side note, that energy drinks and alcohol could never be mixed, too.

The same study performed by Virginia Tech that more than three servings or more a week is even worse for you than abstaining.

So what does alcohol contain - besides making you sound like Elvis Presley at karaoke?

Other research has shown that drinking alcohol can minimally raise your HDL (the good cholesterol) and lower the LDL (the bad cholesterol). Also, this reduces blood problems that may result to clogged arteries.

So grab a bottle of healthy alcohol options such as low-calorie beers. If you're more into taste, avoid the wines with red or yellow labels.

Barefoot Running

I am not a fan of running but I tend to shift into this exercise before my heavy workout routine. It is free and it really warms you up. I would want to go on outdoor running as well sometimes.

Some of my friends enjoy running. They even attend whichever running marathon available.

Good thing I do not have flat sole (flat-footed) that's why it is not really painful for me whenever I run even in high gradients, in 6 KPH speed for 15 minutes in rubber soles. But for the others who still have the primitive sole, where almost 90% of the skin below touch the ground, they find it hard to run longer than the rest.

People who have been advocates of barefoot running find more ease when they do this exercise. Not just because they're following the natural flow and ergonomics of the human curves, but also, this produces less strikes on the lower limb. This is in comparison when you wear the typical running or cross-training shoes where you land your heels first on the ground that produces shocks to the ligaments of your lower limbs.

Below is an visual representation of the foot and lower leg anatomy and how barefoot running can make your exercise easier.

Shirtless Chris Evans

In lieu of Rovie's satisfaction over Chris Evans, I compiled shirtless pictures of Chris Evans for her.

Chris Evans stars on the movie Captain America: The First Avengerthis July 22, 2011.


[gallery link="file" columns="2" type="rectangular" ids="4811,4807,4805,4800,4803,4804,4799,4797,4796,4793,4794,4795,4740" orderby="rand"]




Nutrition Flow Chart

I am posting this as a guide for you get a visualization on how macro and micro nutrients are grouped, classified and segregated in terms of their content. Also, this includes the breakdown of carbohydrates and non-carbohydrates nutrients.

Remember, equilibrium and balance is the key! Too much of something is bad enough. - Spice Girls, Too Much (1997).

Body Weight Training at Home

I know some people do not have time and means to go to the gym but actually, people who use their own weight produces more dramatic toning results when you do the machines or the free weights. Obviously, this is called bodyweight training. This does not involve any use of any equipment, and yes, just your own body weight. Although, in some cases, you may need to use some things that can assist you in doing these exercises.

With the correct form and execution, you’ll definitely build muscle, gain strength, ripped off those extra body fat and gain more confidence in yourself. The main key is to do these exercises which force your body to defy gravity in specific muscle groups.

People attend yoga classes because they find their inner strength through balance. People who are heavier will have harder time doing these exercises – maybe because they didn’t have previous training or following the law of gravity, heavier objects move closer to the earth, thus, you struggle more to lift yourself.

Also, people who have been going to the gym for a long time have experience fitness plateau after using the equipment for a long time. An effective way of preventing this is introducing your body with a new exercise routine that deviates from its current program. And this is where bodyweight training is effective!

I have listed some examples below of body weight training.


  • Cross training shoes

  • Comfortable clothes

  • and motivation

Upper body: Push ups

[one_half_last]You may want to stick to the regular ones on your knees or your feet against the wall. If you’re a novice, you may rest your knees on the floor while you continue to push yourself up away from the ground. You may do it wide stance or a closed-grip push up depending on which targeted muscle you want to work on. This defines triceps, deltoids and pectoralis major and minor.[/one_half_last]


Upper body: Pull ups and Chin ups

[one_half_last]You will need a steady bar to do this workout. Wider grip to work on the outer part of your back and closer grip for a good definition of your traps. This defines latissimus dorsi, trapezius, biceps and teres.[/one_half_last]


Lower body: Squats

[one_half_last]You have different options for this workout. You may do a wide stance (shoulder-width) or hip-width stance. Make sure that your lower back is straight, your chest are facing upwards and your engaging your abdominal muscles. As you execute, go for a perfect 90-degree angle without pointing your knees farther than the position of your feet. This defines gluteus maximus, quadriceps, hamstrings and erector spinae.[/one_half_last]


Lower body: Lunges

[one_half_last]You can do a stationary or a walking lunge. Put your arms on your hips for balance, lower your body straight down with a steady back posture, push your heel to stand and straighten your body up. This defines quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteus maximus.[/one_half_last]


Core: Sit ups

[one_half_last]Lie perfectly on the floor. Engage your core and push your lower back touching the ground. Curl your knees by making an inverted V shape against the ground. You may support your neck if you experience strain but make sure you use your body weight to lift your upper body up and not your neck nor your hands. This defines abdominal muscles and hip extensors.[/one_half_last]


Shirtless Men in Movies

I have been slacking in updating my blog recently. This is due to overwhelming work. At this moment, I am wondering why I didn't earn my degree in Mathematics because of the nature of my current role.

Now that the intranet is down, I had time to at least stumble on some Hollywood celebrities in shirtless on film.

Feel free to indulge.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Plastic Surgery Guide

Plastic surgery is a medical field which deals with the correction and restoration of the bodily form and function. Examples of plastic surgery include reconstructive surgery, microsurgery and burn treatments. However, plastic surgery is more common and prominent for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. Aesthetic surgery is performed with the means of maintaining a normal appearance, restoring a look to the norm or enhancing the element of an individual’s appearance towards an aesthetical ideal through surgical and medical avenues.

Among the famous aesthetic or cosmetic surgeries performed are liposuction, Botox, and nose surgery, or noselift. Liposuction is the procedure of fat removal via traditional suction techniques or using ultrasonic energy to aid the removal of fat. Botulinium toxin, more commonly known and referred to as Botox, is a very powerful neurotoxin. In cosmetic procedures, Botox is used to prevent wrinkle formation by paralyzing facial muscles, administered through injections. It is the most common cosmetic operation as of 2007 in the United States, with a recorded 4.6 million procedures. Meanwhile, nasal surgery or “noselift” is performed with the means of reshaping or reconstructing the nose by certified doctors. This procedure is gaining popularity amongst celebrities wishing to have a nicer-looking nose structure as it is quick and inexpensive.