Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Globe Chat Assist

Was he too friendly? Given too much info? Or I just lack in closing clues?

[caption id="attachment_4354" align="alignright" width="271" caption="Globe Chat Assist"]Globe Chat Assist[/caption]

Page 1
DATE: 2010-08-24 15:23:38
INQUIRY: postpaid
[14:44:27] System message: You are now chatting with MJ
[14:44:32] MJ: Hi! how can I help you today?
[14:45:55] Adrian: Hi Mj
[14:46:05] Adrian: Can you unsubscribe me to Mobile Tweets?
[14:46:47] MJ: I am glad to assist you with your concern Sir, but before we proceed can I ask first
for your full name, Globe mobile number, other contact number and e-mail address please?
[14:47:19] Adrian: Adrian Cuyugan
[14:47:21] Adrian: 09175007931
[14:47:25] Adrian:
[14:47:28] Adrian: *******
[14:48:47] MJ: thank you for those information.
[14:50:07] MJ: Let me get back to you on that. Please give me a 2-3 minutes to look for the
information you need.
[14:53:36] MJ: Hi,I am still trying to get the information you need. Can you give me 2 more
[14:54:42] Adrian: sure
[14:56:06] MJ: thank you for waiting
[14:56:33] MJ: To unsubscribe, text STOP @ then SEND it to 2363
[14:56:40] MJ: that is free of charge
[14:56:49] MJ: Txt TWEET to 2363 for free info.
[14:56:56] Adrian: ok got it
[14:57:41] MJ: okay sir, is there anything else that i can help you with/
[14:57:48] MJ: okay sir, is there anything else that i can help you with?*
[14:57:56] Adrian: how can i get unlimited suring within my glfex plan?
[14:58:39] MJ: may i have your handset model please?
[14:58:39] Adrian: surf*
[14:58:43] Adrian: iphone
[14:59:49] MJ: Let me get back to you on that. Please give me a 2-3 minutes to look for the
information you need.
[15:02:18] MJ: thank you for waiting
[15:04:38] Adrian: ok
[15:05:16] MJ: you can subscribe to super surf for 1200
[15:05:23] MJ: that is on top of the bill
[15:05:27] Adrian: will that be on top of my bill?
[15:05:28] Adrian: ah ok
[15:05:31] Adrian: thanks :)
Page 2
[15:05:55] MJ: yes sir, that is unlimited all day surfing that is good or 30 days
[15:10:54] MJ: are you already aware with the information
[15:11:51] Adrian: not really
[15:12:08] Adrian: im just confirming if i can avail of unlimited surfing within my consumable MSF
[15:12:45] MJ: no sir, that is on top of the bill still
[15:13:02] Adrian: ok
[15:13:06] Adrian: got it
[15:13:09] Adrian: thanks MJ :)
[15:13:36] MJ: yes isr, and for that
[15:13:50] MJ: if you are decided to avail the super surf 1200
[15:13:59] MJ: you may chat with us again
[15:14:06] MJ: or you may call the hotline
[15:14:14] MJ: to facilitate the request
[15:14:34] MJ: for us to process your request
[15:14:39] MJ: of super surf
[15:17:41] MJ: Hi, I have not received a response from you. Are you still there?
[15:19:09] Adrian: im still here
[15:19:15] Adrian: sorry was doing something
[15:19:20] Adrian: thanks for the info :)
[15:20:06] MJ: SUPER SURF PLAN is a new add-on data plan that offers unlimited chatting,
downloading, emailing and surfing for Globe mobile postpaid subscribers. Super Surf is suitable
for any kind of phone.
[15:20:33] MJ: Has a monthly service fee of P1,200. per month on top of the Globe mobile
postpaid plan monthly service fee. The MSF of Super Surf is charged to Globe bill.
[15:21:08] Adrian: im not interested for now
[15:21:33] Adrian: ill change plans anyway after lock in period so i can avail super surf or whatever
offer will be available next year
[15:22:24] MJ: i see, sir.
[15:22:42] MJ: okay. is there anything else that i can elp you with?
[15:23:01] Adrian: none else, thanks again MJ
[15:23:08] MJ: Thank you for using Globe's Chat Assist. I'm pleased to serve you anytime!
[15:23:37] System message : Chat Session has been ended by the chat assist representative

Friday, August 20, 2010

Incident Management

WARNING: Plain nonsense work rant

I apologize, I do not have the precious time to compose a neat and polite post.

He was so furious and annoyed and defensive that he mistakenly typed my group.
Correction: it should be do not make COMMS (his support group) look like....


ITIL v3 Incident Management requires all communication logged for transparency and in case something or someone fucks up. POTA!

[caption id="attachment_3918" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Remedy Incident Management Console"]Remedy Incident Management Console[/caption]

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Night Shift

This night shift schedule is starting to hit me. Technically, this should have started more than a quarter ago -issue with ISD and stuff which led for its gradual delay which was a good thing, actually.

When I joined here and I knew that it would be a shifting schedule because of the nature of Service Operations (haha ITIL v3 boast), I accepted the offer. But I wasnt expecting that it would be so drastic that you could have an 8-hour-difference-schedule-change in a week... twice!

All good for now. I just hope that it wont really strike my Circadian Rhythm big time. Besides, I cant handle any unstable decisions for the next two years until the rest of my family is settled. Again, all good.

This is just a daily rant. More to come! :D