Friday, July 24, 2009


This what happens when you accidentally leave this kind of avatar (having a gorgeous and to-die-for headshot) on your company IM:

(2:57:31 AM) Security: Do you wear shirts to work ?
(2:57:42 AM) Security: or is this just your icon with you shirtless?
(2:58:17 AM) Helpdesk: this might be the icon from my other messenger
(2:58:23 AM) Helpdesk: ill change it
(2:58:33 AM) Security: you have more than one messenger clienr?
(2:58:37 AM) Security: client?
(2:58:46 AM) Helpdesk: no just this pidgin
(2:58:49 AM) Security: I thought we only used Jabber here and only for PerimeterUSA
(2:58:58 AM) Security: you can connect to Yahoo or AIM ?
(2:59:09 AM) Helpdesk: its been setup before
(2:59:18 AM) Security: ahh OK
(3:00:07 AM) Security: :-) Have a nice day sir
(3:00:21 AM) Helpdesk: i dont see any avatar or picture anymore in my jabber
(3:00:32 AM) Helpdesk: thats why im wondering why does my icon still show
(3:00:34 AM) Security: I sitll see it
(3:00:37 AM) Helpdesk: i removed it days before
(3:00:39 AM) Helpdesk: hmm
(3:00:43 AM) Security: You , camera, no shirt
(3:01:22 AM) Helpdesk: has it been changed?
(3:01:46 AM) Security: changed!!
(3:01:50 AM) Helpdesk: ok
(3:01:56 AM) Helpdesk: thanks for informing me
(3:02:01 AM) Helpdesk: i just though ive already deleted it before
(3:02:02 AM) Security: no problem!!
(3:02:34 AM) Helpdesk: thanks again

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Curtain Rods

I was almost experiencing trance while dancing Loaded Man. Part of the routine is to turn around with your hips grinding. Until I realized that two of the construction workers at my aunt's house are watching me almost naked dancing! Aaaaaamp!!!!

Who wouldn't enjoy watching this French man?

North recycled window. Im pretty sure noone was watching me from here.

Here's the Christian School/Church. Some canteen or church people might have seen me amp!

And here is where the constructions were watching me!!!!

So I placed my two mattresses to block the view from outside.

I seriously need to contact someone to install the curtain rods.