Wednesday, May 21, 2008

30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers

Since, roughly, my travel time to work is one hour and thirty minutes, and I finally have access to Dell's Online Library, I decided to borrow a book that would suffice my boredom. Besides, its been a while since I visited a library, the last time was when I had my interview with ICT. Ergo, ICT doesnt provide extra curricular activities for your mind. Hahah. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. (Ethics issue).

Its true that most of the items that the author included based on his surveys are true. I would want to share this book to everyone, even for rank and file posts as to understand their own behavior. Also, to the middle managers or commonly known as supervisors upto to the senior management, because keypoints are discussed in the book and solutions and alternatives are given in terms of handling people, leaving the organization. This is also in line with the article, "Why Employees Leave Organization" by Azim Premji.

[caption id="attachment_4488" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers"]30 Reasons Employees Hate Their Managers[/caption]

Find time to read this if you can find the PDF.

Monday, May 5, 2008


I have been drinking re-hydration salts and Pocari Sweat the whole day. For the past few days, I have been feeling very weak and my bowel movement hasnt been cooperating with me. Then earlier, while I was dancing Body Jam in Greenhills, I made my first puke. It was already a sign that my reflux is reoccurring and I am totally dehydrated. I blame the climate for this. After the massive fluid I have been intaking (without any solid food, seriously except for the pasta I barely ate before dancing) I'm starting to feel well now.

Although, I still have a mild flu and severe headache.

Also, I need to diagnose whats the problem with my computer. Sometimes the HDD cant be detected. Now the optical drive. Grr!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Last Day in ICT

I wasn't able to take pictures of the people whom I worked with earlier. Technically, this isn't my last day because I am going back there on Monday to finish my exit interview and clearances and stuff.

Looking back when I applied in ICT-reasons are very convenient because its just 10 mins jeepney from my house and I will be part of the pioneer batch. I had my dream roles, handling a team and being a backup trainer. It was fun working with these people. Practically, I saw the ups and downs, flaws and perfection of the program, and the experience, not just professionally but also the happy moments with the Real World and Training team.

I'm talking crappy here. I was planning I will post a very lengthy post. Though, I didn't make a dramatic exit. If there will be a chance to go back, wherein the Manager assured me that there is, I am most willing to come back. But I will make sure that I am properly equipped with experience and skills. Not just for a Team Lead post, because, I know for a fact, that I could do better than that!

Very ironic and consistent that twenty pesos was just left in my wallet since I bought food for my co-workers and paid some debts. Not to mention that I have a mild flu due to drastic change of climate yesterday.

I still have a week to be a bum. Then on May 12, I will start my training with Dell at MOA. Wish me luck on my new career! :D

Again, thank you VMU!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Perception and Resignation

My manager showed me an email that they are having problem with the two new trainer post available in our program. One of the reasons is because Clarice, one of the trainers, would be filing her Maternity Leave, the same date with my last day of work in ICT. Also Gus, would be resigning soon, if Daksh would pick him for the available post. Well, those posts would be permanent since Clarice is also planning to resign and just manage her own Water Refilling station business as soon as her ML's done.

What intrigued me when I read the email, except for the fact that the VP for Operations, VP for Quality and VP for Training thought that Gus would also be resigning and moving to Dell, is that they were concerned that I will be leaving my role.

Positive. It felt good that even the VPs were concerned with my resignation. Before it was the Director of Training, then the Senior Operations Manager, now it was escalated to the Vice Presidents.

Negative. I read a note there that the VP wanted a Team Lead to replace me. He has this certain perspective that I wasnt able to handle the team well due to some inconsistencies with their main metric, which is CSAT. Some advisors were asked during their coaching in production, that they mentioned, "that was not told to me during Real World." Im assuming that this is one of the defense mechanism of the agents if they cant think of any alibi if they did something wrong. It is expected. Although I cant control or has no total overview of what's happening with Real World in details, I could assure that my coaches are properly calibrated. The VP was looking at it, it was purely inductive reasoning. Reason that I am not formally a team lead because the Operations cant allocate my compensation appraisal if I would be in Real World, ergo, I should be part of Operations if it is approved.

I dont want to sound very boastful, but a lot of people could attest that my skills and attitude are more fitting to be a Team Lead compared to the present Team Leads in the program.

Well its pretty fun to know that the Vice Presidents are concerned and gossipping our back through email threads... except with the wrong perception. Again, perception.