Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Hotspot

Still no internet. Im getting frustrated. The internet bill is pretty high.

But I think Ill be staying here for a while in the next few days since I was able to decode the SSID. Voila! Free internet!

Ive so much to blog about, but I forgot what to type. I dont know where to start.

Seriously, I wanted to give up on Kevin, but if only I knew how to. Ben and Gus have been poking my face on the truths and consequences I have suffered because of my fidelity to him. Well, I guess as long as I feel that he's decently and quietly responding, I wont give up.

There's this guy who just texted me recently. He's pretty straight-forwarded in his objective in his life... also with us. Its hard to decide - damn he's right. I know I am not yet ready to enter another serious relationship, I hope so.

Last Good Friday, Gus, Ben, RJ, Rei, Fax, Kris, Don, Bob and I went to Galera. I was a good boy. My main objective was to get golden brown, and I achieved it! I soooooooooooo like my color, I swear. Ill post pictures as soon as I have finished editing the pictures (not to mention to cut off the fats and flabs but also to fix the color and brightness).

Kevin was there. We were supposed to meet. But I guess when his ex-boyfriend texted him that they will be going to Galera, too spoiled his vacation. Ergo, he got wasted ended up kissing to muscle boys. According to him, didnt go beyond first base nor the cave, I wish so.

Attended wedding of one of my members in Business Chorale. Hahaha. Funny that the Barong Tagalog I wore was a bit small for me. They took my measurements last January and two months after, I grew bigger! Hahaha. It was my first time being the veil sponsor. :D

Too much to blog about, but I really cant remember all!

Ill just finish editing all pictures. Then Ill upload them! :D

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Melissa, lent a dress to Gus. But it looks like its small for him. I tried it and also the short wig. I miss my hair :(

Warning: Hairy legs and bulky cross-training rubber shoes.

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Theme Day: Highschool Uniform

I wanted to wear my highschool uniform earlier but it seems that my mother has already given my polo and slacks to my cousin. I couldnt wear my PE uniform because it doesnt look good.

Might as well choose a Japanese Schoolgirl uniform. But I couldnt find my knee-high socks and the sailor collar polo blouse. It ended like I was wearing Sailor Moon / Girl Scout uniform.

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