Saturday, January 5, 2008

Steady State Transition

As our program gets bigger, the organization structure becomes more structured and more organized (fuck my English). As one of the most senior coaches on the floor, especially in Real World, I have honed my SKA (skills, knowledge and attitude). There were a lot of movements happened, and part of it are the New HOSTs or the New Hire Orientation/VMU English Skills Trainers/Operations Subject Matter Experts/Senior Real World Coaches, and that includes me. Among the people who were promoted, we were the most flexible in terms of delivering our tasks and attending to the management's decisions.

The Asst Director for Training and QA organized a meeting with my fellow Real World Coaches. Some were demoted to go back to calling since the ratio of advisor:support is incredibly high yet, some will be staying in Real World. As part of the RW team, we are still considered advisors, as based on the guidelines we have been following. It may have become permanent due to succeeding ramps. The three New HOSTs left will still be joining RW. What unfair is, for those people whom we have worked with, and whom we have handled who were transferred to Operations have succeedingly reached their career growth.

I perfectly understand that business needs us. But they didnt let the others have the opportunity to shine. Well, we know that we shone in RW, thats why we were never separated from the department. What the directress suggested is to act as mentors for the people who will retain in RW to do our tasks, so the department can let go of the OSMEs and move to Operations and handle our own team, which should have been done, a few months back.

What bothered us was when the Assistant Manager spilled out or opened a can of worms that according to the imbecile middleman who used to lead RW, he perfectly based the decisions of employee movements on performance. Does he even know what hes talking about? I know that I have S+K, so meaning im lacking in A? Or does it mean im incompetent enough? Thinking that he even doesnt know how to copy and paste cells in Excel, and all that jazz! I swear!

Its 2008. What he has done wrong in the past has been written in a limestone. All what were facing now is all because of his mistakes and all his narcissistic judgements.

That left me, including the New HOSTs and my fellow Real World coaches, hanging. Blindly searching for career path. Lost the opportunity to be part of the Training team. Loathing within that I will be working vicious and immature Operations Team Leads (well, not all).

As what the directress explained. There are two circles whom we are working on and/or not aware of. The Circle of Concern and the Circle of Influence. Ungifted with charisma to other people or to the management (aka sipsip, kidding) I might have perceived that I am doing my job well, but is it enough or noticeable that other people sees it?

But as I analyze it, what if:
  • the two circles are biased, one circle is bigger, the other is not;

  • the two circles are adjacent to each other;

  • the Circle of Influence is inside the Circle of Concern;Or does it practically mean that I should continue being proactive and expand my Circle of Influence?

  • Not to mention that my immature boyfriend has not been texting me and have not fulfilled to his promises recently. It was his fault. Im lacking hope. I might end up being single again by the end of this month. Thinking that he's a full blown father and he still cant stand on his own and make firm decisions. I might have fallen in love with on of his weaknesses, but it doesnt mean that I have to deal with his immaturity. I know when you love someone, you have to accept his failures and downfalls, but it doesnt also mean that you just have to deal with it, there should be some effort to overcome it.