Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Coral View Resort

I joined the Matrix ACS outing.

We went to Bataan. And gosh! I was on the bus for less than 6 hours, waving our way on the zigzags, especially on the last two hours of the trip.

I wonder why I didnt enjoy the outing. Maybe, there were lots of new faces that were included. The program is ramping up for new agents, and in the past two weeks, I have been away, there were already replacements ;)

I just played volleyball with Jess the whole night and surprisingly, I got finggered! I was about to make my beautiful toss using my 6 fingers but it only hit my right thumb. I heard some crack in my right hand. Now, its swollen. Ive been doing cold compression and massages, it might helped a bit, but its still sore. I hope this would work fine now as to continue my exercise program.

I should have left my celfone inside my bag because some freaking klepto stole my phone.

I slept last night with my phone under my pillow trying to find luck to find a good spot for signal, but there was none. I admit that I sleep deeply and noone can wake me up unless they splash water on my face. As I wake up early morning, I couldnt find my phone. I couldnt blame the people I was with inside the room, because we have known each other for months, and we have been through lots of outings, and none was stolen. There just few people that added the group, as I mentioned, there were new faces.

Freaking shit!

I have to find a job soon, as in real soon, as to replace my stolen phone and pay my bills. I think I might go back to TSR role again, just to pay my payables.

And while I was away, with the program. eTelecare called to confirm my resignation or to convince me to go back to the company.
This might apply as to what Roy said. Digital na ang karma ngayon.