Wednesday, January 18, 2006

General Assembly

Pairing: Kyle and Karl (Business Chorale)
Rating: R-18
Notes: I finally made my first fiction. I know it really needs to be proofread for it contains piles of grammatical errors. I decided to write this fic when I knew that Jem will give a fic to Charm for her birthday. Although, I already gave Charm reams of fic papers, I dedicate this fic to her, for she is the mother who introduced us, Jem, in the fic world. For Jem, this will serve as my gift for you too, for having such characteristics of writing a good fic, I’ll wait for yours, Jem. I used the names Kyle and Karl, both of them are BC’s. And in an incidental manner, I caught someone online, whom I found out that he’s freakingly bi!