Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Natty Or Not?

The Baymax friends and I always keep a fun conversation talking about daily rants, sides of what we feel and talk about people who are featured in fitness articles for having an awesome transformation. Look, I know that some people may really do it naturally but once your genetic ceiling hits, you may no other ways but to use magic beans.

In bodybuilding space, this is very much accepted except you're one of those hypocrites who look down in using artificial hormones to improve your appearance. What is annoying is when they claim to be that they are but they are not! Gets?

//end rants

Friday, February 5, 2016


How long has it been? Almost nine months of no update at all. I really suck in writing recently because of schedule. As usual, lame excuses.

I feel bad migrating to Blogger because I might have lost some of my posts from Wordpress. Thinking that I started this on 2002 from Livejournal, then to a self-hosted Wordpress then, to a free Wordpress then, here. I wouldn't have to leave the last free platform if it does not ask for domain redirection fee and allows to post simple iframe, java and code snippets hence, Blogger. Anyway, the posts are safely archived in a private platform.

Let me just enlist the things that happened for the past few months. In a nutshell:
  • I came back home to pursue Statistics studying. You won't call it masters for nothing, believe me! *rummages through my previous notes because I will be needing them next semester*
  • Bounced back my muscle mass and currently in progress reshaping for a beach body before the summer ends. Planning to become bigger by the end of the year.
  • Relapsed in some shit but just once because of an awful 'sayang' relationship.
  • Doing organic, on the other hand. :D
  • Finally drives again!
  • Changed gyms and will be changing this February for a longer contract. <- so irrelevant LOL
  • Work is hectic as ever. Surprisingly, I am enjoying it because I learn a lot, like a lot!
I noticed that whenever I do a long hiatus, the prime reason that encourages me to write on this is the surge of emotions. 

*Writes the usual template after updating from a long break*

Let me put more effort in writing because I miss this. Besides, this is one of such ways I can express whatever shit I feel. 


By the way, the picture I attached here is my fitness progress even my last update here is the usual me, being narcissistic about my body. I have a leaner figure than the former but I think my market prefers that I am bulky hahaha. Let me just finish this summer then, I will bring the dadbod back, kay?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hair Color Transformation

For the past 6 months, I have been training heavily - just strength. I might have slipped some cardio exercises but it would be less than 20 hours for this year (that's new for me considering I used to attend group classes a minimum thrice a week!), that's how I have been wanting to gain muscle mass. It is working well until I crashed because of sciatica and intermittent fasting.

Adrian Cuyugan

What's more noticeable is my hair color, not my physique hahaha.

Losing 2 kilos of fat mass is not really significant but I am still stuck at 58kg FFM. I better lift heavier and eat more to reach my goal. With impending classes for my masters, I do not know when to sleep anymore considering I will still be working full time.